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Secrets of a Sassy Salon CEO

As part of my business coaching I bring my expertise to life in my first published book.

This is my first book and it gets you ready to become the Sassiest Salon CEO ever known so you can revolutionize the health and beauty industry. 

It will help you to finally emerge from the trenches of salon floor work and claim your position as a Sassy Salon CEO, without losing your love of the industry?

Secrets of a Sassy Salon CEO will help you analyse your business, identify your strengths & weaknesses, motivate you into high gear and teach you to create systems & strategies that will trigger massive client and income growth.

Let your business be the cash cow it should be, and provide you with the freedom and luxury a salon owner deserves!


Stay tuned - new books are on the horizon.

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This book will give you your own perspective, not mine, not what’s accepted by society. Something that should help you dig deep into your emotions and show you that anything is possible.

Highly recommended and a must if you are looking for some
much needed direction for your business!”

Bianca Naylor

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