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Thank you Mel, for your great service, wonderful support, love and time taken to REALLY help me has made my jeans looser in less than 3 weeks.

Your nutrition critiques and exercise suggestions, are awesome. I feel really supported, confident and empowered. I have been telling all my friends. I really appreciate you.

Brenda Cologan - Glenfield NSW

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Investor building businesses

Running, building and buying businesses has been my competitive sport and passion for nearly three decades. I have specialised for a long time in building and selling successful enterprises from the ground up. This has led me to own multiple organisations, with multiple income streams. Business, technology and a common need is what has driven me.


So now after being in the Health & Wellness sector since the beginning of my career, with lots of success stories, lessons, failures and expertise, I now want to continue to build my empire, and help those that no longer have the passion for their own.


Business can get boring, exhausting and stressful if your heart just isn't in it anymore. With over two years of disruptions, I know some people are just exhausted and no longer have the passion to even get out of bed every morning. That's where I, as an investor, could come to your rescue.


No one wants to just walk away, or have to close the doors of a business that they have treated like “their baby”. It feels unfair, and rips out a piece of your heart. If you can make your business show its potential to an investor like me, maybe you can walk away knowing that your “baby” will be given new life. You can then go on your way to create the next chapter of yours.


As an investor, things I look for in a business are:

  • It solves a problem and has a core audience

  • It is in a growing sector

  • With some love, it can be given a new life

  • It has a database

  • It is preferably staffed with people that already know your systems and want to stay


Onselling your business should always be a WIN-WIN situation for buyer and seller. The seller should feel appreciated and remunerated for all their hard work. The buyer should feel they are purchasing a legitimate business that can earn money, and with fresh blood and fresh eyes, find new life.


If you are ready to move on to the next chapter of your life and want someone else to take over the reins of your business, reach out to my team and we can schedule a meeting.

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