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Thank you Mel, for your great service, wonderful support, love and time taken to REALLY help me has made my jeans looser in less than 3 weeks.

Your nutrition critiques and exercise suggestions, are awesome. I feel really supported, confident and empowered. I have been telling all my friends. I really appreciate you.

Brenda Cologan - Glenfield NSW

Description here for example 'mum of 3, balancing personal life and work'

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Mentoring & Investing Now Available

With 36 years of "instant success" behind me (as many believe), I know what it feels like when: 

  • you are totally in love with your business

  • it feels like a struggle

  • it is not a passion anymore

  • the need to do something else arises


And all of that is ok.

If you are sick of figuring it out on your own, then maybe you are reading this for a reason. If you are tired of running a "hobby" instead of a business, let me show you how I won Multiplier Entrepreneur of the Year (after covid lockdowns) and came back and doubled my yearly income in just 3 months.

If your staff are annoying you, not performing, or you don't have staff, let me show you how I have created a dream-team that can make money without me even being on the floor. If you are ready to scale but haven't got a clue how to do it, then let me help you break down the steps. OR, if you are truly over it and want to move on, let me show you how to make a saleable business and a planned exit strategy.

Every quarter I am taking on 5 private clients to work with – either with mentoring or assisting you to get out of your business. I am not a general business coach that gives you a textbook or PDF. My methods are hands-on, I look at your business with fresh eyes and bring 36 years of being in the trenches, to you. I understand the lingo, the stresses, the highs and the behind-the-scenes lows.


I am a not able to work with everyone, and am selective with who I feel I can assist. If you would like to have a Pre-Evaluation call, fill out the form below and we can schedule a callback. If this sounds appealing to you, reach out now. See if we are a good fit.

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