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Thank you Mel, for your great service, wonderful support, love and time taken to REALLY help me has made my jeans looser in less than 3 weeks.

Your nutrition critiques and exercise suggestions, are awesome. I feel really supported, confident and empowered. I have been telling all my friends. I really appreciate you.

Brenda Cologan - Glenfield NSW

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Specialist Health Coaching

All Health Coaches are not the same. Feeling your healthiest isn’t just about dieting and hardcore exercise. I’m proud to be different. 


Are you over 40 and struggling with your weight, fatigue, stress or your self confidence? Maybe your body isn't quite where you want it to be, your skin is looking a little tired, or you are feeling like you have been lost in life itself? Perhaps you’ve tried diets, weight loss pills, the gym, starving, and vitamins in the hope of a quick fix? 

I’m here to tell you that you’re not alone and that you CAN do something about it! I personally know so many women over the age of 40 that have felt most of the feelings stated above. I promise you, you are NOT failing, you just haven't found the right solution for you. 


Weight loss, vitality, and wellness don't come in a magic bottle, unlike what many advertisers would like you to believe. Weight loss and wellness success come from understanding your body and lifestyle and implementing age-appropriate systems. 


And that, my wonderful friend, is exactly what you will learn working with me in this course! In a few short weeks, you will be immersed in a life-changing transformation, where you will FIND YOUR FABULOUS without the gym, starvation or deprivation. This program is completely unique to you. As an Endorsed Epigenetics Coach, we will get to the core reasons of your past failures and successes. 


You don’t have to juggle 200 diets or 30 hours of hardcore exercise. What you will be taught is how to understand YOU and YOUR needs, you will be taught how to understand your biology with no more guesswork and enjoy real changes that will lead you to a lifetime of wellness. Fads and hard work aren’t my thing, but changing your life, (not just your season) is what I’m all about. 


If the time is right to find your fabulous again, reach out now! 

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